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5 Must-Haves for a Secure Home Office

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There are lots of great articles out there about keeping your digital connection secure while working from home.

But what about everything else? Even as the business world moves away from offices towards remote working, the need for physical security solutions remains.

How will you safely dispose of documents you’ve printed? Where will you keep the keys to your secure storage? What will you do to ensure prying eyes can’t see your screen if you decide to visit your local coffee shop?

We’ve got the information you need, and the products to keep your stuff safe. Read on to learn about how to keep your home workspace safe and secure with our 5 must-haves for a secure home office.

A Good Safe for a Secure Home Office

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First thing’s first – you’re going to need a box that nobody can get in except you or those you authorise. All businesses have items that need to be securely stored, and a safe is the ideal solution!

Safes come in different flavours. Some have keypad locks (like you would find in a hotel room), and some lock with a key. You can even buy fire resistant safes for piece of mind.

The good news is they don’t have to be massive and they don’t have to cost the earth, so even if you only have a few bits and pieces we’ve got the right safe for you!

Document Storage: Fire Resistant Cabinets

Despite the digital transformation in the way we do business, there are still some things that need to be written down.

large fire resistant cabinet

Think contracts, bank statements, bills, and the rest… With a fire resistant cabinet you can be safe in the knowledge that your important documents are being kept safe, and won’t be damaged in a worst-case scenario.

Another consideration is how to store your data. It’s recommended to make regular backups of your files to an external drive, and a fire resistant cabinet or safe is the ideal place for this to live.

A Shredder

shredded paper in a box

We all know getting to use the shredder is the most fun part of any ‘bring your kids to work’ day!

We’ve got lots of shredders to suit every budget, which a range of capacities and in cutting patterns.

Of course, you might not need a big one. The Rexel Momentum Strip Cut Shredder can destroy up to six sheets at once and has a 9 litre bin, all in a compact unit that is around the size of a shoe box.

Key Cabinets for a Secure Home Office

A key cabinet doesn’t have to only be for your home office keys – there is plenty of space to store your other important keys in one safe and secure place.

Our Protector Key Cabinets mount to your wall for ease of access, and store between 20 and 70 keys depending on the size you choose! They are available in both lock & key and keypad entry variations.

protector key cabinets

Screen Privacy Filters

Sometimes we all need a change of scene, and with WiFi and charging points workers fill coffee shops during the day. The gentle buzz of your local cafe could be the perfect place to get your head down and blitz your next project, but how will you make sure nobody is looking over your shoulder?

Blackout privacy filters are for use in open, high-traffic environments where on-screen data needs to be kept private. The technology makes on-screen information visible only to those in front of the screen, without blurring or distorting the image.

Privacy filters are available in sizes to fit every screen from widescreen iMacs and PCs down to laptops and tablets. Browse the full range of blackout privacy filters to find the right model for your device.

We hope you enjoyed these 5 must-haves for a secure home office. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to hear about our latest articles and offers. We’d love to hear what you think are the most important items in your home workspace!

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