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Are Monitor Arms Worth It?

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Did you know that monitor arms have been around since the mid 2000s? In recent years, a new wave of lightweight screens and increased awareness of the risks of sitting all day has helped them explode in popularity. At Essential Workspaces we’ve got monitor wall mounts and monitor desk mounts to suit every situation, and we’re excited to give you 10 reasons why monitor arms are the way to go in your workplace.

💡 What is a monitor arm?

Put simply, monitor arms act in place of a conventional computer monitor stand. They allow you to either mount your monitor to your desk, a wall, or any other sturdy structure. They attach securely to the back of your screen, and are usually adjustable so it will always be at the ideal height for you.

But why should you use one?

1. Personalise your screen height

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Monitor arms such as the Eppa Single Monitor Arm offer effortless gas spring finger touch adjustment. You can adjust the height and depth so they are right for you – perfect for hot-desking, collaborative working, or just if more than one person in your family uses your computer!

2. They are great for sit/stand working

The benefits of sit/stand desking are many and varied, and monitor arms are a great way to help you shift position during the day. The Take-A-Stand Project reported that 71% of employees felt more focused, and 66% were more productive when using a sit stand desk.

3. You can use dual monitor arms for multiple screens

Having more than one monitor at your workstation can be very convenient, but they take up a lot of space. Our dual monitor arms allow independent screen movement so you can position your screens where’s best for you. They’ve even got USB 3.0 ports to make it easy to stay connected your favourite devices.

4. Monitor arms are for laptops too

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If you use a laptop, you could potentially benefit even more from using a monitor arm.

By being able to set the screen of your laptop to whichever height you choose, you’ll be free from the constraints of having your computer on your desk or lap. You can vary your sitting positions throughout the day and avoid crouching over your computer, keeping you more comfortable for longer.

A simple laptop holder for a monitor arm is a cheap and easy way to greater workplace health and productivity.

5. Tiny desk? Use a monitor wall mount

If you’re stuck for space or need to be able to stow your computer monitor out of the way, then a wall mounted monitor arm is just the ticket. You’ll still have the flexibility of a desk mount, but at the end of the day you can fold your screen flush to the wall and use the space for something else!

6. Reduce computer eye strain

Minimise the long-term effects of computer use on your eyes by having an optimal viewing height, angle, and depth. For more information about how you can reduce computer eye strain, check out this article by All About Vision.

7. Free up more space on your desk

An easy-peasy way to get more desk space: Reduce your computer monitor’s footprint! If you live or work in a small area, you’ll regain precious square feet by suspending your monitor above your workstation.

8. Collaborate with ease using monitor arms

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Move your screen angle freely to show your coworkers what you’ve got. Monitor arms come with ranges of movement up to 180 degrees, helping you and your team be more productive.

9. Enhance multi-screen productivity

Using multiple monitors has been shown to increase productivity by an average of 42%, but they sure do take up a lot of space. With a dual monitor arm you won’t need to compromise – the impressive FSA Top Fix Flat Screen Monitor Arm can hold both screens with just one contact point.

10. Monitor arms look… Awesome

Finally, at Essential Workspaces we think that monitor arms (especially dual screen models) look pretty damn cool! They’re like 1940s sci-fi tech, right in your office. You’ll experience greater comfort at work, with all the flexibility you need for a healthy sitting position.

As a bonus, you’ll reclaim some much-needed desk space and get to collaborate with your colleagues with greater freedom. Check out our range below – with free and fast UK shipping 🚚

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