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Early Christmas Presents for Loved Ones Working From Home

early christmas presents for loved ones working from home

If there was any doubt remaining, we’re pretty sure now that working from home is here to stay.

Christmas will be here before we know it. So if someone you know muddled through in the spring but needs to get their home office sorted for 2021, we’re here for you!

We’ve got a a range of great products help you work from home in comfort. With ergonomic products, styles to suit every space, secure storage systems, and much more, Essential Workspaces is your one-stop shop for home office solutions.

Corsivo Sit Stand Workstation

fellowes corsivo working from home

This very handy worktop from Fellowes will up your ergonomic game to help keep you working from home in comfort.

Transform your desk into a dynamic sit-stand workstation, and add movement to your working day to stay active and healthy. The Corsivo’s two-tiered work surface gives you space for both a monitor and laptop side by side, with an area for a keyboard and mouse on the lower level.

Simple gas spring height adjustment makes going from sitting to standing a breeze, helping blood flow and contributing to a healthy workspace.

Avon Leather Handled Wall Desk

avon leather handled wall desk

Is your child at university living in a cramped flat, or are you fed up of your partner hogging the dining table during the day? The lovely Avon Leather Handled Wall Desk is an ideal solution if space is limited in your home or office.

Protruding just 13cm when folded away, this space-saving hanging desk flips down to create a working area large enough for a laptop and a coffee. Lined with felt to create a bulletin board, the back wall of the unit is great for important reminders or calming pictures to boost your mood when you need it most! The Avon Leather Handled Wall Desk is a beautiful and versatile design, which will blend effortlessly into your home or working area.

BT4600 Big Button Dect Telephone with Answer Machine

bt4600 for working from home

Although we like to think the world now revolves around mobile phones, landlines are still a vital form of communication for businesses large and small. A compact and feature rich option, the BT4600 has been awarded the prestigious Which? Best Buy award and has large, well-spaced buttons ideal for anyone who finds using smaller keypads a problem.

Other benefits of using the BT4600 include a one touch button to record live conversations, hearing aid compatibility with amplify button, and a hands-free speaker. Just try not to lose it down the back of the sofa!

Jabra Evolve 20 MS Mono Headset for Working From Home

evolve 20 mono

If your loved one spends a lot of time on the phone every day, a comfort-enhancing headset might be the perfect stocking filler.

The Jabra EVOLVE 20 MS Mono is a professional headset specifically designed to improve conversations. Its state-of-the-art, noise-cancelling microphone eliminates noise, so you can hear more and be better focused on the conversation. It comes with a control unit that supports comfortable and easy access to its most used functions, such as volume and mute. You are also able to answer calls and close calls at the control unit thereby increasing your overall flexibility.

Screen Privacy Filters

screen privacy filter working from home

If someone you know has a job involving sensitive data – or even just loves hanging out in their local cafe with a cappuccino – a screen privacy filter is a must-have accessory to prevent shoulder surfing.

Blackout privacy filters are for use in open, high-traffic environments where on-screen data needs to be kept private. The technology makes on-screen information visible only to persons in front of the screen, without blurring or distorting the image.

We have a range of sizes to fit both laptops and desktops, so be sure to pick the right one for your setup.


smaartbox essential workspaces

Alright, it seems like a pretty boring Christmas present. But Smaartboxes are a handy storage solution that will help keep a home office nice and tidy, with the added benefit that items can be transported straight back to the office when it’s time!

Smaartbox is a simple solution to store and carry your own files, equipment, and personal possessions. Moving between workspaces while hot-desking or between home and the office? The Smaartbox is considered by many as an essential element of modern flexible working.

Designed for end-users who are looking for personal mobile storage in open space deployment, Smaartbox say their product is dimensionally coordinated, inexpensive, safe, and practical. Built with convenience in mind, it will will help you transfer items between filing cabinets to pedestals, or from old premises to new ones. With a design that won’t dog-ear important documents or squash personal effects, Smaartboxes are used by companies across the world including small businesses, education facilities, legal professionals, and global charities.

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