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Five Types of Desk Screen Dividers to Keep You Safe at Work

five types of desk screen dividers to keep you safe at work

What type of office partition screen is best for your office? Read on to discover our round-up of five types of desk screen dividers to keep you and your colleagues safe at work.

As the British government relaxes lockdown restrictions and encourages employees to return to their workplaces, having the correct health and safety procedures in place has never been more important.

Guidelines issued state that screens or barriers should be used to separate people from each other, and at Essential Workspaces UK we’ve got a huge selection!

1. Free-Standing Desk Dividers

nobo desk divider essential workspaces uk

If you are looking for the simplest solution for your desk partition system, look no further than a free-standing desk divider.

Available in many sizes and shapes, free-standing desk dividers provide a high level of protection from airborne droplets. They are suitable for both sitting and standing workspaces.

They are supported by sturdy aluminium feet, so can be easily moved to another location when required – and their Plexiglass surfaces are easy to clean with a simple wipe down!

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2. Modular Systems

nobo desk divider module essential workspaces uk

Modular desk partition screens give you extra adaptability, helping you to create a connected system for the safety of your team members. When used with the compatible frame support, they provide a great protection for use outdoors and indoors thanks to their weather-resistant coating.

Designed with ease of assembly in mind, reconfiguring the modules is a simple task requiring only one person.

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3. Clear or Solid Office Partition Screens?


Does your workplace need regular face-to-face interaction, or do your team members work better when given some privacy?

Solid desk partition screens have been an office staple for decades. They are a great way to effectively use available floor space while providing room for individuals to work without distraction.

Made with an unobtrusive slim frame and felt noticeboard surface for pinning items, our Nobo desk partition screens help users create their own personalised workspace.

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4. L-Shaped Desk Screen Dividers


One great option for providing enhanced COVID-19 security is to add a perpendicular screen to your existing free-standing acrylic desk divider. This creates an L-shaped barrier between your team members and those around them for extra peace of mind in the workplace. 

Like the main panels, our Nobo desk divider extenders are easy to reconfigure. They have a useful 20mm gap at the bottom for easy cable, and are simple to clean with just a quick wipe!

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5. Clamp-On Desk Dividers


Sometimes you can’t guarantee that an office partition screen won’t get knocked, especially in fast-moving workspaces such as school classrooms!

For extra security, all our clear PVC desk divider screens can be fitted with protective desk divider screen clamps. These provide enhanced stability in any environment. All our clamps are adjustable, making them suitable for a variety of different desk sizes and configurations.

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So there we have it! Our five types of desk screen dividers to keep you and your colleagues safe at work. With over 50 years combined experience in the industry and a huge range of office furniture and office supplies available (don’t forget the free UK shipping!), Essential Workspaces UK has got your covered for all your business’ needs.