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How Height Adjustable Desks Improve Your Working Life

how height adjustable desks improve your working life

The Take-a-Stand Project … reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood states.


Height adjustable desks and sit stand desks have enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years.

In fact, they are credited with improving the working lives of employees around the world! These systems are busting the desk-bound sedentary lifestyle of workers, who can be sat down for up to 12 hours per day.

In this article we’ll take a look at just a few of many benefits a height adjustable desk can bring to your workspace. We can help you understand what switching to a sit stand system can do for you.

Height Adjustable Desks Promote Good Health

private: how height adjustable desks improve your working life

Research into caloric expenditure in the workplace has concluded that mixing standing and sitting at work burns around 50% more calories than sitting alone.

But that’s not all. Standing at work activates systems in the body that regulate blood sugar, triglycerides, and cholestrol.

Why is this important? When sat these essential processes slow down, causing a rise in numbers that are linked to increase risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Boost Your Mood and Productivity With an Adjustable Standing Desk

Did you know that adding some movement into your day increases motivation and enthusiasm levels at work?

The Take-A-Stand Project (more on this below) reported that 71% of employees felt more focused, and 66% were more productive when using a sit stand desk.

Sit Stand Desks and the Take-A-Stand Project

private: how height adjustable desks improve your working life

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted the Take-A-Stand Project. They hypothesised that reducing prolonged sitting time might improve certain health factors among workers with sedentary jobs.

The results were incredible. Test subjects reported greater comfort and energy at work, along with big reductions in fatigue and back pain!

The below infographic shows some of their findings. There are also lots of tips on how a height adjustable desk can improve your working life:

Take-a-Stand Project

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