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Brother GL-H105 Handheld Garden Labelling Machine

The versatile GL-H105 is ideal for use both in the garden and around the home. Its ergonomic shape has been designed to fit comfortably in the hand and it’s so straight forward and easy to use, labels can be created at a moment's notice without any fuss. There are easy symbols such as italics and quote marks which gardeners may want to adopt to follow plant naming conventions and up to 9 labels can be stored in the memory, particularly useful for remembering difficult spellings of plants. The convenient rechargeable battery option means it can be charged after use and there’s no hassle having to locate or replace standard batteries whilst using it. Brother’s durable labels can withstand temperatures from -80°C to +150°C and are resilient to sunlight, humidity and rain, making them ideal for labelling plants, produce and garden accessories BOX CONTENTS: 12mm TZe231S (4 meter length), user guide

Brother PT-D210VP Desktop Labelling Machine

Clearly labelled items make for a much more efficient workplace. The compact design and easy-to-use features mean that labels for filing, office equipment, stationery and electrical items are easily and quickly created. Making the P-touch D210VP an indispensable office tool. The PT-D210VP features a 62 rubber key QWERTY keyboard and a 16 character graphic display for easy editing labels, it also boasts a print speed of up to 20mm per second with a print resolution of 180dpi and a maximum print height of 9mm allowing you to use up to Tze tapes from 3.5mm to 12mm with a maximum of 80 characters per label. With added features of Vertical text and mirror printing makes the PT-D210VP the ideal desktop label printer for use in the home or office. Contents Include PT-D210VP Labelling Machine 12mm TZe black on white 4m tape cassette AC Adaptor Documentation Carry case

Brother PT-D450VP Desktop Label Printer

The PT-D450VP is ideal for the smaller office or home, giving users a compact, stylish desktop label printer. Connect to your PC or laptop through a USB connection or use as a standalone for an easy and hassle free label printer. It features a 65 rubber key QWERTY keyboard with a dedicated number keyboard and a backlit High resolution monochrome 20 character by 3 line 320 x 120 dot display. the PT-D450VP also boasts a print speed of up to 20mm per second with a print resolution of 180dpi and a maximum print height of 15.8mm allowing you to use up to Tze tapes from 3.5mm to 18mm allowing you to print a maximum of 5 lines per label on a 18mm wide tape. With added features of Vertical text and mirror printing makes the PT-D450VP the ideal desktop printer for use in the home or office. OPERATING SYSTEMS SUPPORTED: Microsoft Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Mac OS/X 10.7 to 10.9 Contents Include PT-D450VP Labelling Machine 18mm TZe black on white 4m tape cassette AC Adaptor Documentation USB-mini cable Carry case

Brother PT-D600VP Desktop Label Printer

The PT-D600VP is a versatile, PC-connectable label maker well suited for a variety of labeling usages in a business environment. Quickly create professional-looking labels using the built-in 62 rubber key QWERTY keyboard, or connect to a computer to create more personalized labels. The intuitive, full-colour graphical display offers easy access to formatting menus as well as the ability to preview actual label appearance before printing. Just type, format and print. You can even save up to 99 labels in the large memory, a great time-saving feature. With its included AC power adapter and USB cable, you can be confident that your label maker will be ready when you are. Boasting a print speed of up to 30mm per second with a print resolution of 180dpi (180 x 360dpi in high resolution mode) and a maximum print height of 18mm allowing you to use up to Tze tapes from 3.5mm to 24mm allowing you to print a maximum of 7 lines per label on a 24mm wide tape. With added features of Vertical text and mirror printing makes the PT-D600VP the ideal desktop printer for use in the office. OPERATING SYSTEMS SUPPORTED: Microsoft Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Mac OS/X 10.7 to 10.9 Contents Include PT-D600VP Labelling Machine 24mm TZe black on white 4m tape cassette AC Adaptor Documentation USB-mini cable Carry case

Brother PT-H110 Handheld Labelling Machine

The PT-H110 compact handheld labeller is ideal for using in the home or office, with a wide variety of tapes in various widths and colours. Delivers great functionality for a handheld device, offering a wide range of features for day to day labelling including cable labels, sequential numbering, reverse & vertical text modes. A memory that shows the symbol history and is able to save the 15 most favourite designs. The PT-H110 includes 15 frame styles, 3 fonts, 10 font styles and 253 symbols. Includes a 12mm black on white TZe tape. Optional AC adapter.

Brother PT-H500 Handheld Labelling Machine

The portable P-touch H500 is the professional way to unclutter your mind whether you're at home or in the office. The PC style keyboard, large backlit graphic display and fast print speed ensure labelling is quick and effortless. The backlit graphic display shows Easy-to-read text and the ability to preview your label before printing. Lots of built-in content, Customise labels using a choice of 14 fonts, 126 frames and over 600 symbols. Print from a PC using the P-touch Editor software. A Standard QWERTY keyboard Makes typing efficient. The handheld design and battery power lets you print labels wherever they are required. Powered by standard alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries, an optional AC adapter and Li-ion rechargeable battery (Li-ion battery standard on H500LI) BOX CONTENTS: TZE251S 24mm Black on White TZE Tape (4 Metre length), User guide, Wrist Strap, USB cable & CD-Rom

Brother PT-M95 Handheld Labelling Machine

With the PT-M95 you will finally discover the fun way of keeping everything organised - anywhere in the home! This stylish labelling machine combines both fun and function and is really simple to use. The large display gives a clear preview of the label before you print. Additionally, the new DECO mode feature means this labeller give the user 8 fantastic designs to liven up any label. With 8 font styles, 2 font sizes, 9 frames and over 200 symbols, this labeller gives you the power to label anything in the home and office giving it your custom and personal touch and with a 7.5mm per second print speed you're never left waiting for a label. Other functions include vertical text printing, 1 to 9 copies, QWERTY keyboard, LCD (1 line x 12 characters) display, print preview, max print height of 8mm with a maximum of 2 lines per label. Requires 4 x AAA batteries or AD-24ES adaptor

Brother PT-P700 Professional PC Plug and Print Labelling Machine

Print labels quickly and easily. The Ptouch PT-P700 offers simple connectivity – so there's no software or drivers to install. Simply connect to your computer via the included USB cable and launch the built-in software to get started creating professional labels using your own keyboard. Create multi-line labels using fonts and graphics on your computer. Fast print speeds and automatic label cutting help speed large labeling jobs along. For more advanced labeling, such as including bar codes or printing from a database, you can use the P-touch Editor software. Print labels up to 24mm wide, with large crisp text up to 48pt. The PT-P700 is compatible with durable, TZe series tapes – great for indoor applications or harsher environments – such as outdoors. Choose from a variety of colours and sizes, including Extra-strength adhesive, Acid free‡, Cable and wire, Tamper evident, Fabric iron-on, Super narrow or decorative Simply Stylish. The split back tapes offer a hassle free application, with easy peel and stick. BOX CONTENTS: TZE251S 24mm Black on White TZE Tape (4 Meter length), User guide, ADE001 Adapter, USB cable & Editor 5 CD

Brother PT-P710BT P-Touch Cube Label printer

The P-touch Cube is a compact and stylish label printer that seamlessly connects to your family’s smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth. All label editing is done using the Design&Print app – a free download for iOS and Android that lets you unleash your creativity, and produce labels in many colours and sizes for use all around your home. Choose from over 1000 symbols and emoji, 23 fonts, and 61 frames to include with your text. With a compact modern design, the P-touch Cube fits your home perfectly, whether you use it in the kitchen, study, home office, garage, garden shed, for personalising gifts or labelling your children's school clothes and school equipment. The free P-touch Design&Print app is available from your device's app store. It offers many ideas for labelling around the home, and its clean look and feel make it easy to create the labels you need. Connect in seconds. Simply download the Design&Print app and search for your P-touch Cube within the app to connect. Plus all the family can install the app on their devices and use whenever they require a label. Label storage containers and jars, shelves, plugs, mobile phone or tablet chargers, file folders, shoe boxes, children's clothing, school equipment and toy boxes. Use in the garden, garage and shed to label plant sticks, storage bins and tools. Also great for gifts, entertaining and parties. Brother TZe labels and ribbons are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit a range of applications. Create labels in a variety of different colours and widths for use all around your home. Identify children's clothing with their name using easy-to-apply-iron-on labels or print customised messages on fabric ribbon for gifts and other special occasions. Fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe, our TZe labels are incredibly durable and have been tested to the extreme. This means they can be exposed to sunlight in the garden, used to label food containers in your freezer, safely used on food containers in the dishwasher and can take the knocks when used to identify your holiday luggage and suitcase. Included in the box: P-touch CUBE PLUS Label printer, 24mm black on white TZe cassette (4 meters), USB cable, Documentation

Brother PT-P950NW Desktop Label Printer

The PT-P950NW is a compact networkable computer (Windows & Mac) connected labels printer. Connectivity can be via USB, internal ethernet 10/100 or Wi-Fi. Serial and Bluetooth are optional. The Brother P-Touch PT-P950NW can be used as a portable printer by adding the optional rechargeable battery and labels can be designed and created on your smartphone using the Cable Label Tool App making this the ideal printer for use in data centres. The built in network card allows the printer to be shared just like any other network device. Just like all the other P-Touch printers the PT-P950NW accepts all the sizes of TZe label tapes plus the range of HSe heat tubing cartridges. The new Brother FLe cable labels will also be printable through the PT-P950NW. As any previous user of a Brother computer linked printer will know the included P-Touch Editor software is excellent and very easy to use enabling the fast production of any labels. With the downloadable P-Touch Editor software you have access to all of the fonts on your computer plus symbols and logos to make your labels clear and stand out. The PT-P950NW is also able to store label templates. This is extremely useful for printing standard label layouts such as PAT labes, calibration labels, asset labels etc.

Brother QL-700 Desktop Label Printer

The QL-700 Labeller makes label printing faster, easier and more affordable than ever before whether you're producing address labels, CD/DVDs, ID passes or barcode labels. Its compact size belies its big capability for performance, with the capacity to produce up to 93 labels a minute. Speed is just as impressive when it comes to setup, with no installation of drivers or software necessary for hassle-free plug and print usage. BOX CONTENTS: 62mm black on white continuous length label, standard address label (100 Labels), CD Rom, set-up and operation guide, USB cable, AC adaptor, DK roll guide, cleaning sheet