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Leitz Heavy Duty Stapler 8mm

Heavy duty stapler for everyday use. This stapler uses staple cassettes (4 cassettes available) for increased efficiency. Perfect for postroom and office.

Leitz NeXXt Metal Office Stapler Blue

Heavy Duty Metal Stapler with Direct Impact Technology for hassle-free stapling. Designed to staple up to 30 sheets of paper and open and closed stapling by easily changing the turnable anvil, and also nailed stapling possible.

Rapid 90EC Classic Electric Stapler

The Rapid 90EC Classic Electric Stapler is a compact front loading electric stapler suitable for communal use or on your desktop - fits in well by the copying machine in the office. It uses 66 staples and is a full-strip stapler for stapling up to 30 sheets of 80 gsm paper with minimal effort. It has an adjustable stapling force and adjustable stapling depth of 0-60 mm. The 90EC is very fast (approx. 1/100 seconds).

Rapid Classic 105E Electric Stapler

The Rapid 105E is a fast and reliable stapler with a versatile slim design ideal for packaging such as blister pack and header card stapling. It can be linked to another 105E stapler for simultaneous multi-stapling. With the power to staple 50 sheets of paper with the addded features of adjustable stapling depth of 0 - 100mm and adjustable stapling force. The Rapid 105E also has the added safety of a protection visor that when lifted cut the power to the stapler.

Rapid Duax Stapler

Revolutionary, patented DUAX Technology means you only need 1 staple for 2-170 sheets. Flat Clinch technology allows 30% more file space. Perfect for the office, post room and printing agency. Part of the Coordinated Power Range.

Rapid Fixativ 10BX Mobile Electric Stapler

Compact and portable battery powered electric stapler for desktop, reception desk or home use. Convenient for one-hand use on the desk or on the move. Opens from the front for easy reloading.

Rapid HD70 Stapler

The Rapid HD70 Heavy Duty Stapler is a high quality, strong stapler for stapling up to 70 sheets with a stapling depth of 5.3cm - it is compact and so ideal for desk or communal use. It is a top-loaded heavy duty stapler and is part of the Coordinated Power Range.

Rapid HD9 Stapler

Heavy duty, high quality rear-loading metal stapler with large capacity. Irresistibly classic design with an eclectic retro colour and cool finish.

Rapid R106E Electronic Stapler

3 staplers in 1, based on the 105E stapler. Equipped with interchangeable insert stapler, the Rapid 106E can handle both standard stapling and brochure (saddle) stapling (with standard or loop staples). Suitable for workplaces where both stacks and brochures are to be stapled.

Rapid R5025E Electronic Stapler

Safety feature prevents stapler operation when safety visor is removed