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Rapid 90EC Classic Electric Stapler

The Rapid 90EC Classic Electric Stapler is a compact front loading electric stapler suitable for communal use or on your desktop - fits in well by the copying machine in the office. It uses 66 staples and is a full-strip stapler for stapling up to 30 sheets of 80 gsm paper with minimal effort. It has an adjustable stapling force and adjustable stapling depth of 0-60 mm. The 90EC is very fast (approx. 1/100 seconds).

Rapid HD70 Stapler

The Rapid HD70 Heavy Duty Stapler is a high quality, strong stapler for stapling up to 70 sheets with a stapling depth of 5.3cm - it is compact and so ideal for desk or communal use. It is a top-loaded heavy duty stapler and is part of the Coordinated Power Range.

Rapid R5025E Electronic Stapler

Safety feature prevents stapler operation when safety visor is removed