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Seven Essentials to Improve Your Working From Home Experience

seven essentials to improve your working from home experience

In 2020, the world has experienced a seismic shift away from office environments towards working from home. For many this is a wonderful thing – no boring commute, more free time, and less money spent on lunch and snacks!

All you need is a laptop, but we know there are a few extra things that will help you to get the most out of your new lifestyle. Read on to discover our seven essentials to improve your working from home experience

A Good Desk is Essential for Working From Home

industrial style bench desk

With a quality desk at the appropriate height, you’ll be taking a big step towards enhancing your working from home experience.

But what type of desk is right for you? There are lots of options to suit your lifestyle:

Stuck for space? Try a Hampstead Park Wall Desk that folds away after use! With a depth of only 16cm, this is a great choice if you live in a small flat or only have a tiny area in which to work.

Bad back? How about a height adjustable desk. Check out our article on how these can improve not only your physical health but your mood too: How Height Adjustable Desks Improve Your Working Life.

If it’s simplicity you’re after, our industrial style bench desk fits seamlessly into a modern working environment. Now with 15% off!

A Proper Chair That Won’t Ruin Your Back

Some consider a quality office chair that suits your back even more important than a good desk. It’s crucial that you choose the chair that’s right for you, as you’re spending hours every day in one position.

At Essential Workspaces we have a large range of office chairs to help you find your perfect solution, from classic executive options such as the Chairman Noir to fully adjustable ergonomic seats like the Cobham.

But perhaps you already have an ‘Old Faithful’ chair that has stood the test of time, but needs a little love. A Back Angel Support from Fellowes delivers full back support at a fraction of the price of a new unit.

A Really Safe Place

Although our world is increasingly digital, there are some things for which we must keep a physical copy. It’s recommended to keep a backup of your hard drive, and other important documents such as financial information and tax returns all need a secure place to live.

We have a selection to suit every budget, from mini safes to full height fireproof combi safes. A good safe will give you piece of mind when you’re working from home.

Headsets Suitable for Working From Home

seven essentials to improve your working from home experience

Whether you work in a team or not, chances working from home has lead to you spending more time than ever on the phone.

A headset with quality audio will free up your hands to multitask and take notes. It will also connect with your computer (either via a wire or Bluetooth), to make those conference calls a little more comfortable!

Head over to our headsets page to see all our options – we’ve over 40 from which you can choose!

Multi-function Machines

A space saving must-have, a multi-function unit gives you all you need for printing, photocopying, scanning, and more.

The Brother MFC-L3710CW Colour offers great specifications across the board, and is highly rated among its competitors. As a bonus, it comes with wireless functionality helping you to keep your home office area as tidy as possible.

Consumables for Working From Home

At Essential Workspaces we know how frustrating it can be to run out of essential office supplies right when you need them. That’s why we stock a wide range of consumables such as staples, printer cartridges, shredder sacks, and much more!

A Can-Do Attitude

seven essentials to improve your working from home experience

Finally, take it from us: A positive mindset will help you get the most from working from home.

If you function best in your dressing gown then why not – go for it! Or if you are missing your favourite takeaway coffee to start the day, perhaps it’s time to invest in a great coffee machine that the whole family can enjoy.

With a bit of planning and investment, spending more time working from home can have a positive effect on both your work and home life. You’ll be able to ditch the commute, work at your own pace with fewer distractions, and spend more time with those you love – what’s not to like 😎

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