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Smaartbox: Good Things Come in Foldable Packages

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Hot desking and partial home working create unique challenges. Smaartbox is here to help.

How do I move my important stuff between home and the office? What about keeping track of important documents when going between two places? Will my bag squash all my things and crease my papers?

The answer is in this lightweight and convenient product!

What is a Smaartbox?

Smaartbox is a simple solution to store and carry your own files, equipment, and personal possessions. Moving between workspaces while hot-desking or between home and the office? The Smaartbox is considered by many as an essential element of modern flexible working.

Designed for end-users who are looking for personal mobile storage in open space deployment, Smaartbox say their product is dimensionally coordinated, inexpensive, safe, and practical.

What are the benefits of using a Smaartbox?

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Smaartbox is a low cost and portable storage solution for transporting the items you need to work efficiently, wherever you need to go.

Built with convenience in mind, it will will help you transfer items between filing cabinets to pedestals, or from old premises to new ones. With a design that won’t dog-ear important documents or squash personal effects, Smaartboxes are used by companies across the world including small businesses, education facilities, legal professionals, and global charities.

And the best bit? When you’re done, it folds away flat for easy storage!

How much can I carry?

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The Smaartbox is big enough to fit most files and folders, including foolscap paper. You’ll also have space for other items you need such as stationary, personal computers, and of course your lunch!

The full dimensions when in use are:

Width – 155mm
Length – 380mm
Height – 255mm

What if it’s raining?

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Available to buy separately, accessories for the Smaartbox include carry straps and a clip on plastic lid. The straps thread through pre-punched holes in the top, and the plastic lid is perfect for keeping your stuff dry when the weather isn’t great.

Is this plastic box bad for the environment?

Absolutely not!

Made from 100% polypropylene, the Carcase and Handles are fully recyclable. The Trim is 100% UPVC and also fully recyclable, while the Wire Hoops are made from 100% recycled steel and are also recyclable.

We love Smaartboxes, and find them perfect for transporting essential workplace items safely and conveniently! Shop Smaartboxes below now.