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Spooky Prices on Height Adjustable Desks

spooky prices on height adjustable desks

With Halloween at the end of the week, we’re bringing you some frighteningly good prices on height adjustable desks!

Ever had a terrifyingly sore back at the end of a day spent sitting at your desk? There’s no need for witchcraft – ergonomic furniture is the answer. In fact, our backs are healthiest when we can sit upright in a supported comfortable position, with plenty of opportunity to move. This is why ergonomic office chairs are more suitable for 8 hour working days than your ghostly old dining chair.

Another important piece of the ergonomic puzzle is the the height of your desk. We’ve got lots of options to suit every budget, so you won’t need to be petrified by our prices!

Why buy a height adjustable desk?

The Take-a-Stand Project … reduced upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood states.


Height adjustable desks are proven to boost mood, productivity, and overall health.

In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted the Take-A-Stand Project. They hypothesised that reducing prolonged sitting time might improve certain health factors among workers with sedentary jobs.

The results were incredible. Test subjects reported greater comfort and energy at work, along with big reductions in fatigue and back pain! For more information about the Take-a-Stand Project and the benefits of height adjustable desks, check out our article How Height Adjustable Desks Improve Your Working Life.

Height Adjustable Desks to suit your budget

Fellowes Monitor Riser
Leitz Ergo WOW Adjustable Monitor Stand
Fellowes Professional Series Monitor Workstation
Fellowes Corsivo Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter with Gas Spring
Fellowes Lotus Sit Stand Workstation
Levado Height Adjustable Desk

Fellowes Monitor Riser

spooky prices on height adjustable desks

The Fellowes Premium Monitor Riser is an adjustable riser with five height positions, built to promote comfortable working conditions and prevent neck strain associated with extended computer use.

Our budget option, this lightweight monitor stand can be easily moved between workstations. But it still supports up to 36kg and 21in CRT monitors, giving you versatility at a low cost.

Shop now for £55.19

Leitz Ergo WOW Adjustable Monitor Stand

spooky prices on height adjustable desks

Leitz say their Ergo WOW Adjustable Monitor Stand elevates your monitor to an optimal viewing height, to promote a healthy and ergonomically correct posture and to increase productivity.

Their design features a small desktop footprint and keyboard storage space, helping you maintain an organised working environment. There are two height settings on its stability-focused platform, with a wide bottom ledge to ensure a secure fit for larger monitors up to 27in.

Shop now for £71.99

Fellowes Professional Series Monitor Workstation

spooky prices on fellowes professional series

The next step up in Fellowes’ range, the Professional Series Monitor Workstation adjusts to 3 different heights to maximise viewing comfort. This helps to reduce and prevent aches and strains associated with extensive computer work.

This model also includes a cord management system and power strip mount to keep your desk nice and tidy. If you’re using a laptop, it stows safely away under the top shelf when you’re finished!#

Shop now for £122.39

Fellowes Corsivo Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter with Gas Spring

fellowes corsivo

Our lowest priced fully adjustable sit stand desk, the Corsivo transforms your sedentary desk into a dynamic sit-stand workstation. Add movement to your working day by operating the effortless gas spring system, helping you stay active and healthy whilst working.

The large two-tiered work surface can accommodate flexible set up options, holding two monitors or a monitor and a laptop. Plus, you can keep your phone or other accessories within easy reach with the convenient device channel.

Shop now for £175.19

Fellowes Lotus Sit Stand Workstation

spooky prices on fellowes sit stand workstation

With over 18 varying height adjustments and flush-to-desktop down position, the classic Lotus design provides stability at every setting. The intuitive cable management and charging device slot provide a convenient tablet or smartphone viewing at every height.

This fully featured height adjustable desk lets you add movement to your day, to help you work and feel better effortlessly. Counterbalance technology and ergonomic handles make height adjustment easy and worry-free, while accommodating multiple users and work styles.

Shop now for £801.59

Levado Height Adjustable Desk

levado height adjustable desk

Ideal for an office environment or full-scale home workstation, the Levado height adjustable desk is durable and sustainably sourced. There are three sizes from 140cm to 180cm in length, and five colours including natural wood tones.

Personalisation while hot-desking is a breeze with the Feather-Lift™ control paddle. It has four programmable memory settings for easy height adjustment between users.

Shop now for £1027.19

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